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Lost for words? Then this emoji-only social network could be just for you

A social network is launching where users can communicate exclusively through emoji.

Emojli launches on iOS soon, with other platforms to follow, and promises to be the only spam-free social network. The idea is that larger social networks, like Twitter and Facebook, have become so cluttered with memes, hashtags and trolls that a simpler way of communicating is required.

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Emoji are ideograms or smileys originally used in Japanese messaging and webpages. The term literally means pictograph and the characters are similar to ASCII emoticons, although a wider range is available and the icons are standardized and built into handsets.

The platform will have a strict emoji-only policy with even usernames made up of the characters. Emojli already has over 10,000 registrations, but the social network is keen to stress that there are over 250,000 two-icon combinations, so there's plenty of options available for those looking to sign up.

The creators of Emojli, Matt Gray and Tom Scott, have also made it clear that the site is not satirical but a genuinely different way of communicating, which values simplicity over everything else.

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Anyone wishing to reserve a username before the platform launches can do so over at the Emojli launch page.