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Mock-up video of iPhone 6 shows what iOS 8 will look like on the handset

Want to see the upcoming iPhone 6 running iOS 8 in a video? Well you can't, of course – but you can see a cleverly edited video using a dummy next-gen iPhone which has the new UI projected onto it.

This is the work of YouTube wizard Tom Rich, and you can see the video above (it was spotted by Cult of Mac, incidentally). Just hit the play button as ever.

The dummy iOS 6 body shows how the phone will fit in the hand – indeed Tom shows that his (slightly larger) hand can easily reach across the screen for one-handed use. Those with smaller hands (another person is drafted in) might struggle a bit more compared to the 4in iPhone, but that's inevitable when moving to the larger 4.7in screen.

As we've noted before, while being sized up, the iPhone 6 certainly keeps the body as narrow as possible in terms of width in comparison to rivals like the Galaxy S5, and this will be helpful when it comes to holding the device easily (and comfortably – with the rounded edges that you can also see here also helping in that respect).

Tom also shows the dummy iPhone 6 next to a current iPhone with iOS 8 on-screen, and the considerable extra space the interface benefits from is made very clear.

Mass production of the iPhone 6 is expected to begin this month, with the 4.7in model due 19 September and the 5.5in phablet to follow. The display resolution is rumoured to be 1,704 x 960 as Tom notes, and we can also expect plenty of other goodies aside from a new larger screen, including NFC support, wireless charging, and an improved 4G antenna.

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