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Serco launches mitigation training for cyber attacks

Business services firm Serco has launched a new cyber-attack mitigation training programme, aimed at helping both public and private sector organisations test their security.

The firm, which also manages the Emergency Planning College (EPC) on behalf of the Cabinet Office, claims cybX is an innovative training capability that allows cyber security testing in a safe, realistic and secure environment.

The training is set to be combined with EPC knowledge, wider organisational resilience training and exercising and a hands-on technical and consequent management training programme.

“You wouldn’t send a soldier into the field that hasn’t been properly training or prepared and the same should be true for those working in the front-line of cyber operations,” claimed Richard Preece, Director of cybX at Serco.

“Our new training is designed to put employees from the server room to the board room through their paces and enable organisations to better prepare for inevitable cyber-attack.

“This give management boards and executive teams the strategic assurance they need and hopefully the confidence to further exploit the opportunities that digital innovation can bring to business growth and development in the increasingly inter-connected global economy,” he added.

Realistic environment to help develop skills

The programme will see both IT staff and management teams tested on their ability to identify, terminate and manage their organisation’s response to a cyber-attack.

To do this, Serco will create a “corporate network,” claiming this will provide participants with a realistic environment to test their skills.

Serco decided to develop the system after research revealed cyber-attack is growing threat to UK businesses, including one study that claimed 91 per cent of businesses suffered an attack at least once a year, with SMEs being particularly vulnerable.