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Twitter looking set to become online marketplace

"Buy Now" buttons have started appearing on Twitter, suggesting that in-tweet purchasing may soon be an option.

When the buttons were initially discovered this week, they were only seen in Twitter's mobile app and tapping on them didn't do anything, but people who tried them a little later were taken to a checkout page within the Twitter app.

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Reports of a potential buying capability within tweets first surfaced back in January, when an online mock-up created by a shopping app called Fancy was discovered.

The sample was used by Fancy to pitch the idea of an e-commerce integration to Twitter but nothing was ever announced.

Neither company has admitted to anything just yet. Twitter spokesperson Jim Prosser declined to comment and Fancy executives are yet to respond to requests.

However, Twitters appointment of ex-Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard to run its commerce efforts, along with the fact that any addition to a tweet by Fancy would require Twitter's approval, suggests that in-tweet shopping is on the horizon.

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This venture follows a deal Twitter made with online retailer Amazon in May, which lets shoppers add a product to their online cart via a tweet.