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Build a cloud within a day: Accelerate the path from virtualization to cloud

The convergence of mobile technology, social media, big data, and the advent of cloud computing are driving a dramatic shift in the ways enterprises deploy and use IT.

This shift requires new means and approaches for IT to help organizations accelerate progress towards solving their most pressing challenges—including speeding innovation, increasing efficiencies, enhancing agility, and improving financial management.

Today, many IT organizations have reached a high level of maturity with regard to virtualization and are starting to look into the automation, flexibility, and self-service capabilities that a cloud solution can provide. They see that this strategy provides them opportunities to develop and deploy new business strategies and delivery models that can enhance their ability to survive and thrive in a demanding and unpredictable world—a world where the cloud is a key component of their ability to accelerate innovation, to become significantly more agile and efficient, and to optimize costs across the enterprise.

Creating the right cloud delivery strategy is critical to reducing your organization's risks and building its future. Many IT organizations want to start small, to build a pilot or proof of concept for the cloud, and expand from there. They want to start understanding how a private cloud can make their organization more flexible and agile. As they expand, they can add self-service capabilities that make it simple for IT users to request new virtual environments.

This strategy lets you leverage your existing virtualization investments in order to quickly and cost-effectively reap the full benefits of the cloud. That's the strategy HP CloudSystem Matrix software was designed to facilitate.