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Government and OU deliver cyber security course

The UK government and the Open University (OU) have partnered to deliver an online cyber security course.

Natalie Black, the deputy director of cyber defence at the Cabinet Office, introduced the education programme at the opening tour of Bletchley Park yesterday.

According to Black, the aim is to introduce 200,000 people to subject and educate them.

“At the moment we are working very hard to develop a pipeline of cyber talent. We are working hard with e-skills to give people the opportunity to transfer to cyber careers and very soon we’ll be launching a new initiative at the Open University,” she claimed.

No date more specific than “soon” has been given for the launch of the course, but real-time information is expected to be shared with students and the university will work very closely with the industry.

Next step to improve cyber security

The move is another step in the government’s fight against cyber security, along with adding the subject to the curriculum and the new Cyber Essentials scheme.

“A key tenet of the national cyber security strategy is developing the cyber security skills we need to keep the UK safe and to do that we have to work together, we have to work through industry and academia,” claimed Black.

“It goes without saying that government takes cyber security incredibly seriously and we’re investing £960m over the course of five years,” she added.

A recent survey revealed that although UK citizens desire their privacy, they also want the government to do more to protect them from the growing threat of cyber warfare and crime.