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Mobile app of the day: Copy Bubble

If you use your Android handset for tasks that involve copying and pasting from one app to another you will have come across the problem of only being able to copy one thing at a time. For many people that won't be an issue. If you just want to copy a website address into an email, for example, then that's straightforward enough.

But what about if you want to take things from several apps or even different websites and then bring them together in one place. Maybe you want to grab bits from a range of apps to put in an email or a document, for example. It's really tedious to have to keep switching back and forth from app to email/doc to another app to email/doc to another app, and so on.

So, Copy Bubble lets you copy stuff at will from whatever app you are in. When you run Copy Bubble it puts a little dot on screen. You use that in different apps to identify what you want to copy. Your selected data is stored in a clipboard and the bubble has a little number in its centre to tell you how many things you have copied. Now all you need to do is open the clipboard and tap each item you want to paste, then delete it from the clipboard. Job done.

Click here to download Copy Bubble for Android.

Product: Copy Bubble

OS: Android

Price: Free