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Whitepaper: SoftLayer and IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator help launch a Smart Community solution at Toshiba

Global electronics leader Toshiba Corp. is a USD60 billion company employing nearly 200,000 people in 30 countries worldwide. Founded in 1875 and based in Tokyo, it has a long history of consumer electronics innovation and is known for its commitment to social responsibility and global citizenship.

Seeking flexible cloud support

In response to environmental megatrends, Toshiba envisioned Smart Community, a smart social infrastructure using information and communications technology (ICT) to deliver healthcare, heating, lifestyle, power and water solutions to the global community and promote the use of renewable energies. To drive its initiative, the company required a more flexible, scalable cloud solution to span its many business domains and support a wide range of complex projects. "Each user group has its own cloud infrastructure needs," says Koichi Kagawa, general manager of the ICT cloud service division at Toshiba. "The nature of our challenge is to provide what all of our users require to achieve their objectives."

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