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Yes Workforce tracks your errant mobile workers

Bolton-based SaaS provider, Yes Workforce, has launched its "off the shelf" mobile workforce solution.

The solution was developed from the company's enterprise software engine, which has been previously integrated by large corporations such as TNT Post.

The product is now available to SMEs that wish to manage their mobile workers more effectively.

As we know at ITPP, it can be difficult to manage the actions of freelancers and those working OOO, and Yes Workforce's offering enables employees to exchange information and coordinate jobs via a mobile app.

Functions include time sheets, photo sharing and signature capture, and the cloud-based solution's real time tracking offers increased employee accountability.

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"Our vision is to help businesses become more efficient, helping them to eliminate time-consuming paperwork so they can focus on what they do best," said Chris Flynn, founder and CEO of Yes Workforce.

"Demand for our cloud-based solution has been extremely encouraging, and I'm confident that this will continue to grow as we come out of beta and establish Yes Workforce as the most advanced and cost effective mobile workforce management solution available."

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I suppose this means errant mobile workers like myself can be kept in check. So much for OOO!