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Lindsay Lohan files lawsuit against GTA 5 creators

Lindsay Lohan is suing GTA 5 creators over the similarity of the Hollywood actress and a character in the game.

When TMZ reported last year that Lindsay Lohan was planning on suing Rockstar because a vapid, unreliable Hollywood actress character in GTA 5 bore too much of a resemblance to her, it sounded like the sort of story the gossip site would make up just to further ridicule her.

However, it is now official after Lohan filed a lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar in a New York court claiming that the game used her looks to create the character Lacey Jonas, an actress that one of the main characters, Michael, helps escape the set of a film.

The GTA 5 character says lines like "Don't hurt them, I don't need any more lawsuits!" and "I'm hardly wearing any makeup!"

Lohan is not the only one that has a so-called resemblance to a GTA 5 character, as celebs like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Tupac and even Kanye West all seem to pop up in the game at various points.

Rockstar always maintains that any likenesses are coincidental however, and really, the Lacey Jonas character is a parody of so many precious actresses.