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Microsoft Lumia 830 appears with Nokia branding in leaked pics

Microsoft isn’t ready to let go of the Nokia brand name just yet after leaked images of the next Lumia smartphone displayed the Finnish company’s name.

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Photos from the Chinese social network Weibo showed a picture of the rumoured Lumia 830 from three different angles and the front view has Nokia in the top right corner.

The smartphone in question is rumoured to be replacing the Lumia 820 and should come with the same aluminium frame and polycarbonate back, but the picture suggests that the phone doesn’t have the mighty 41-megapixel snapper of the Lumia 1020.

The mid-range spec list has led some to suggest that the Lumia 830 could in fact be the long-rumoured “Tesla” smartphone that is also known as the Lumia 730 and more will be known once concrete rumours emerge.

Microsoft is already prepping three other Windows Phone 8.1 devices for release at some point this year and the Lumia 830’s presence means there could very well be four new Windows Phone offerings.

The new range will likely be made up of the 4.7in “Superman” handset, low-end “Rock” handset and flagship “McLaren” smartphone, and the Lumia 830 will fit in somewhere between the Superman and McLaren devices.

McLaren is the most intriguing of the four as it may include 3D Touch or Real Motion technology that will use a collection of sensors on the device to bring motion control to a new level and work in a similar way to the Amazon Fire Phone’s sensors.

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A release date for all three devices can’t be far off and the public’s reaction to the new handsets will have a strong influence on how well the Windows Phone platform performs in the coming years.

Image Credit: WP Dang