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Note to startups: Keep using the cloud

Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in the UK are reaping a multitude of benefits from cloud computing, a UK insurer has claimed.

Towergate Insurance (opens in new tab) drew together various research about all things cloud to create an infographic demonstrating a number of statistics relating to how SMEs use new technologies.

According to their document, cloud computing can reduce business costs by around 10-20 per cent for 80 per cent of organisations.

When asked why they chose to use the cloud, 45.5 per cent of SMEs said cost reduction, 44.9 per cent said mobility, 38.9 per cent said flexibility and scalability, 32.9 per cent noted increased computing capacity, 31/7 per cent appreciated IT efficiency and agility while 29.9 per cent liked to have a “greener” option.

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The infographic goes as far to claim that 90 per cent of cut carbon emissions in SMEs is a result of using the cloud.

When it comes to usage, smaller businesses say they use the cloud for hosting services, backup services, hosted emails, data storage and booking systems.

To view the full infographic, click here. (opens in new tab)