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How to watch Djokovic vs Dimitrov and Federer vs Raonic live online and on TV

Bulgarian Dimitrov dethroned reigning Wimbledon champion Andy Murray, it's going to be a tough battle over the coming days to see who will lift the golden trophy.

For those of you lucky enough to have tickets to the matches between Djokovic vs Dimitrov and Federer vs Raonic, make sure you pack your sun cream. For everyone else, here's how you can watch the action unfold.

Djokovic and Dimitrov will face each other at 13:00 BST today, so head over here to the official Wimbledon site at 15:00 (well, just before to be safe) with your beverage of choice at the ready. Alternatively, you can point your browser at iPlayer Live to see the TV coverage from the Beeb.

If you're unable to access the site, fear not. You will also be able to watch at TVCatchup, which shows any free-to-view UK channels live.

Federer and Raonic will be walking onto centre court at 4pm, and the same info above applies to their match. However, if you're out and about and want to keep up to date with both battles, the BBC Sport website is your best bet. As well as having a video feed of the match, the site will also be running a live news feed that updates automatically (should your boss be keeping a close eye).

Naturally, BBC1 is where you'll find both matches on your TV, in both standard definition and HD channels.