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Agility by easily tapping new capacity

It's no secret that businesses are racing to embrace the cloud. Even as IT is implementing solutions to deliver internally sourced cloud services, CIOs and business users alike are also eager to leverage public cloud services.

Employees are attracted to having immediate access to rich pools of inexpensive computing resources. CIOs are equally interested in leveraging pay-as-you-go resources to meet extraordinary demands. But IT departments struggle with the complexity of managing multiple clouds. And their carefully crafted schemes for safeguarding sensitive data risk being subverted by "shadow IT" as line-of-business users throughout the organisation connect company-issued laptops to inexpensive public cloud resources available to anyone with a credit card.

It's a conundrum troubling many CIOs: I know the public cloud is good for business, but how can I take advantage of the vast array of cloud resources while retaining control and governance? How can I make public and hybrid cloud sourcing part of my IT strategy? And how can I possibly manage it all?

HP CloudSystem offers the answer. Part of the HP Converged Cloud architecture, HP CloudSystem lets you safely burst workloads to cloud resources when you need additional computational headroom or when you want to take advantage of additional capabilities.

This whitepaper discusses why you would want to take advantage of cloud bursting with HP CloudSystem. You'll learn how bursting can put you back in control as you explore new business opportunities enabled by private, public, and hybrid clouds.