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Auto-unlock your iPhone 6

The more easily annoyed of the iPhone user base will be pleased to hear about Apple's latest patent filing, since it suggests the process of manually inputting a pin code might be behind us with the iPhone 6.

This is quite an inference though. Apple is looking to patent the iPhone's ability to identify whether it is on a familiar or unfamiliar network - only engaging security features when the network is unfamiliar.

Therefore, an iPhone user on a home or work network, that is trusted by the phone, will not have to enter a pin code to unlock the device.

The patent is entitled: "Location-Sensitive Security Levels And Setting Profiles Based on Detected Location".

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Google unveiled a similar personal unlock system at Google I/O 2014.

GPS and Wi-Fi will determine Apple users' locations, meaning security features can be vamped up should the device stray into an unsafe network - resulting in safer web browsing.

Comments online have been critical of the patent, saying how the feature has been available through Android apps for a few years, and that "Apple is attempting to patent the past".

Others hit back though, saying that Apple's move was just good business.