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Bravo Foxbot: New iPhone 6 to be built by robots

It's been pretty tough to avoid iPhone 6 rumours since the start of the year. A larger screen size and exciting features have met our ears and eyes, but what about the building process behind the phone?

Well, to that end Foxconn has revealed a new robot assembly line, which will provide an automated production process for the new handset.

Terry Gou, CEO of Foxconn's parent company, Hon Hai, told the company's annual shareholder meeting that the robot workers would make their debut with Apple's next product – the iPhone 6.

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Currently entering their final testing phase, the "Foxbots" are hoped to make 30,000 smartphones each, said Gou.

Hon Hai declared in August 2011 that it would have one million active robots in its service within three years.

With an alleged price tag of $20,000-$25,000 (£11,700-£14,600), the robots don't come cheap, and the company doesn't even have sufficient numbers to meet demand, Gou admitted.

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At this point, it's uncertain what stages of the fabrication process the robots will handle. Reports back in 2012 suggested that the bots' capability was limited.

By no means does this constitute the replacement of human workers either, Foxconn having allegedly hired up to 100,000 workers in preparation for the commencement of iPhone 6 manufacturing, beginning July 2014.

Image: Christopher Bulle, Flickr