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Government hopes £90m worth of faster Wi-Fi will make up for dreadful National Rail performance

£90 million is to be pumped into the improvement of Wi-Fi on trains across England and Wales over the next three to four years.

The government says that the new services will be up to 10 times faster than those currently in existence.

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Travellers will soon be able to get online via equipment installed alongside train tracks, rather than having to find a satellite signals throughout the journey, according to Network Rail.

Train companies will have to apple for portions of the money, but the government has hinted that it will favour the busiest commuter lines.

The most heavily used 30 per cent of the network is said to carry 70 per cent of passengers.

Much of the kitty will be provided by Network Rail, which has been fined by the government for missing a number of key performance targets over the last five years.

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Due to adverse weather conditions, the £70 million Network Rail was previously expected to pay out is to be reduced significantly.