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Microsoft: Android Lumia and Surface Mini rumours intensify; Kinect for Windows pre-orders get underway

Microsoft has got a busy few months ahead after leaks gave new details on two long rumoured devices and an official confirmation of Kinect’s arrival for Windows.

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On the same day that the company began taking pre-orders for the motion sensing device, a Lumia running the Android OS was rumoured to be near to release as well as the long-awaited Surface Mini tablet PC.

Two tweets from serial smartphone tweeter @evleaks sparked the rumour mill into motion with one reading “Big news: Android-powered Lumia incoming, from Nokia by Microsoft.”

There is no image accompanying the rumour and it remains a tentative piece of news at best given that Microsoft is unlikely to fully embrace the platform that is one of its main competitors in that space.

It comes after Nokia, which is now owned by Microsoft, released the X at MWC 2014 in February and then the X2 last month that are both low-end smartphones running on the Android OS.

The other rumour concerned the Microsoft Surface Mini tablet that was originally expected to come out at the same time as the Surface Pro 3 with @evleaks simply confirming that it is “back in production, in anticipation of a summer release.”

@evleaks’ latest rumour marries up with the news last month that the Surface Pro 3 manual contained four mentions of the smaller slate and it’s likely that it was supposed to be released at the same time before being pulled at the last minute.

If it is released this summer then the US market will see it first as the Surface Pro 3 isn’t even out on these shores until August and unless Microsoft is planning to release both at the same time, UK customers won’t get the device until later in the year, if at all.

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One device that is definitely on the way is the Kinect 2 sensor for Windows that is available to pre-order from the Microsoft Store for £159 and will be released on 15 July.