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Mobile app of the day: AutomateIt Pro

Have you ever wished your handset could automatically turn its sound levels down at night, switch to vibrate mode when you are in meetings or take actions to conserve battery power when juice is low? You need AutomateIt Pro, which can do all those things – and lots more.

The app comes with a range of automated tasks built in. If you want to get more out of it you can set up your own rules, and get plugins that open up particular types of actions. It can all get very sophisticated. You can set up rules that are triggered by calendar events, events that happen at set time intervals, or ones that happen only at specific times – say at weekends, or at night, and so on.

There is a free version of AutomateIt which you can get here, but on this occasion I heartily recommend stumping up a bit of hard cash so that you get access to the full suite of features rather than just a subset. I also recommend taking a look at the AutomateIt website which will help you understand more fully the sheer capability of this app.

Click here to download AutomateIt Pro for Android.

Product: AutomateIt Pro

OS: Android

Price: £1.43