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Tablet sales to exceed PCs by 2015

Worldwide tablet sales are expected to exceed that of PCs for the first time in 2015.

Ever since the launch of Apple's iPad in 2010, tablet computers have increased steadily in popularity. Now analysts predict that in 2015, 321 million tablets will ship across the globe compared to 317 million PCs (including desktops, notebooks and 'ultramobile' devices).

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Despite falling PC sales, analyst firm Gartner, believes that there will be a relative revival of the PC market in 2014, as businesses upgrade from Windows XP and look to replace outdated IT systems.

Ranjit Atwal, research director at Gartner said, "After declining 9.5 per cent in 2013, the global PC market is on pace to contract only 2.9 per cent in 2014."

Similarly, despite their recent growth, tablet sales will also see a relative slowdown next year. The demand for tablets with smaller screens is waning, while a shift towards phablets in South-East Asia is also to blame for the reduced growth.

"The next wave of adoption will be driven by lower price points rather than superior functionality," added Atwal.

Mobile phone sales, however, are expected to see continued growth in the coming years. Sales are expected to reach 1.9 billion units in 2014, up by 3.1 per cent since last year. Gartner also predicts that smartphone sales will make up the majority of handsets, representing 88 per cent of worldwide mobile phone sales by 2018.

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The driving force behind the increased sales comes from continued growth on the Android and iOS platforms, but Windows phones are also expected to do well, with the operating system expected to achieve 10 per cent market share by 2018.