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Apple iPhone 6 Sapphire Display revealed - and it's beautiful

Rumours have been abounding for the best of this year about the new Sapphire Display that Apple is prepping for its new iPhone 6 – and now it's all been confirmed. Not only that, but renowned tech reviewer MKBHD (real name Marques Brownlee) has given us a wonderfully in-depth preview of the display that's got everyone talking.

It seems Apple has actually sent MKBHD an actual straight-off-the-assembly line model of the Sapphire Glass in the iPhone 6. The reveal has also dispelled a number of other myths. While some believed that only the 5.5in iPhone 6 would feature the much-coveted Sapphire Glass, this new leak shows that the 4.7in model will have the same sleek finish.

Sapphire glass should ensure that the next iPhone is more scratch-resistant as well as much less prone to shattering when dropped, a major boon considering how many cracked iPhone screens we've heard about in the past. Sapphire has a value of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, so when it's machined into a thin, transparent plate, the effect is to create an extremely tough and "virtually scratch free" surface.

MKBHD even takes to the new screen with keys and a craft knife, without making any kind of scratch on the surface. He then made a good effort at snapping in, even holding it down under his show, with the material holding solid. While this doesn't give us much indication of how shatter-proof the new glass is (some estimates guess that more than half of all iPhones in the UK have shattered screens), it is an encouraging sign.

With everyone looking for major advances from the next iPhone, a bigger, far tougher screen could certainly be a selling point – although it'll certainly push up the price point.

Apple has also been pumping investment into the production of Sapphire Glass. Many have suggested that if the Cupertino-based company manages to secure a decent proportion of the world's sapphire glass production capability, it's going to see itself in a very strong position once all the other companies catch on.

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