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Samsung robbed of more than £20m in machine gun raid

One of Samsung's key Brazilian manufacturing plants has suffered a massive heist resulting in the loss of approximately $36 million (£21 million) worth of equipment.

The factory, located in Campinas, São Paulo, was infiltrated by about 20 men armed with machine guns. Over 200 members of staff continued working normally as the undercover criminals loaded seven trucks with stolen devices including tablets, notebooks and smartphones.

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According to police information, the criminals entered the facility dressed as staff during the night shift. While a small number of employees were held hostage by the perpetrators, the majority continued to work during the raid, but had their mobile phones batteries taken to prevent them contacting the police.

Samsung employees told the police that the gang was not violent at any point and remained at the factory for three hours.

The robbery is currently being investigated, but authorities believe that it could be an inside job as the gang were not only able to access the factory but also possessed privileged information as to the whereabouts of valuable items.

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In a statement, the Korean technology giant said, "We are very concerned about this incident. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. We are fully cooperating with the ongoing police investigation, and we will do our best to avoid it happening again."