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Afternoon naps vibrate into thin air thanks to Spark smartwatch

Ever fallen asleep at the desk after a night of Netflix and the finest single malt left in the house stretched out until the early hours? The good news is there is a smartwatch on the way that has afternoon naps in its crosshairs.

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The Spark smartwatch has the specific remit of jogging the wearer’s wrist when it senses them falling asleep and uses a powerful vibration that aims to wake even the heaviest of daytime sleepers.

It works by using two custom motion sensors that track the movement speed and frequency of the owner to work out when a nap is in progress and nips it in the bud before any bosses find out.

For those worried about it waking them up during a real night’s sleep then there is a “time mode” that shuts down Spark’s motion sensors so that you can enjoy a bit of shut eye without fear of the vibrating gremlin getting hold of you.

Power comes from a Li-Ion battery that lasts between five and seven days depending on how many times you end up nodding off in a working week. Spark was born after the founder’s brother fell asleep in an exam and lost 15 valuable minutes that had repercussions for his future education.

“In his last year of high school, our founder's older brother was taking a timed examination that would determine whether or not he would advance to his top choice colleges. He was a top student in his class and very academically talented. However, a family incident occurred the night before and he didn't get any sleep," Eddy Zhong, founder of Blanc Watches and creator of Spark, told T3. "During the test, he dozed off during one of the sections and was out for almost 15 minutes of the exam. Because of this, he didn't get a good score or advance to the college of his choice."

The Kickstarter campaign for Spark has already surpassed the $6,000 [£3,507] funding goal and raced on to $11,320 [£6,617], at the time of writing, and the project founders have now decided to extend it to $14,000 [£8,184] that will mean a 25 per cent thinner watch and improved battery.

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