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EE: 4G LTE best for businesses but battery life holding back mobile tech

ITProPortal has spent the morning with EE, to learn about its expectations for the mobile market, and it had a few interesting things to say.

Aside from the standard shout-outs to 4G - apparently 73 per cent of the UK's population now has access to coverage - EE's Tom Bennett also tried to shed some light on what he thinks the technology can be best used for, and what might be holding us back.

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Bennett, unsurprisingly, believes that 4G will become a default technology within the next few years. Ultimately, he added, we'll know when 4G has become truly successful when companies get rid of their 3G infrastructure, but he doesn't expect this to happen any time soon.

By 2020 (when 5G will be one of the biggest buzzwords around), EE expects 50 billion Internet-enabled devices to be in use.

Earlier, Qualcomm's Enrico Salvatori talked about 4G's role in the promotion of 4K technology, which will mainly benefit consumers, but Bennett has different opinions.

"LTE offers the business area a hell of a lot," he said, pointing towards the evolution of people's demands and expectations.

The first mobile users were more surprised and encapsulated by the technology than anything. Moving onwards, it became about bringing mobile voice calling to the mass market. Next came an expectation amongst consumers for voice calling, texting and on-demand access to the Internet.

Now, according to EE, our everyday lives depend on mobile technology, and in the near future, we won't be able to function without mobile data.

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From a personal point of view, I largely agree with the outlook. In my private life, I could live fairly comfortably without my smartphone but it is without a doubt crucial when it comes to working effectively.

Bennett also thinks that LTE Advanced Category 6 will become mainstream in the next few years, but mobile phone battery life is slowing its progression.

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