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Armed thieves pull off multi-million pound heist at Brazilian Samsung factory

It's not so much the Italian Job as the Brazilian Job, after a group of heavily armed thieves stole over 40,000 Samsung products in a factory heist.

According to reports from the Associated Press, over 20 robbers were involved in the carefully orchestrated theft. Late Monday night saw the group hijack a company bus and make their way towards the Brazilian Samsung factory, capturing eight employees along the way.

With each employees badge in hand, the armed thieves then kept two by their sides as hostages.

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Once they'd forced their way into the facility and subdued Samsung's security guards, the group then spent over three hours piling trucks with a treasure trove of Samsung products. Smartphones, laptops and other electronics were stuffed into the seven getaway vehicles, racking up an unpaid bill of over $6 million.

Thankfully, no one was hurt during the ordeal. However, several employees were forced at gunpoint to relinquish their phones to prevent them alerting the police.

Brazilian police and Samsung HQ are now combing CCTV footage and scouring the scene for any clues as to who the gang were, and how they managed to pull off a heist of this magnitude.

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It'll be yet another blow for Samsung in a week filled with headlines about its dwindling smartphone profits. The Korean company has admitted it anticipates earning of around 24 per cent less this quarter than figures recorded a year ago. Half its stock going missing surely won't help matters.