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Qualcomm: Get your Christmas lists ready, 2014 is all about 4K

2014 is the year of 4K, according to chip manufacturer Qualcomm.

Speaking this morning at an event in London, Enrico Salvatori, the senior vice president and president of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Europe, revealed that he believes that the technology will go mainstream this year - mainly in the form of television sets - and mobile will be central to its rise.

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According to Qualcomm, 60 per cent of UK consumer electronics retailers think that the ability to capture 4K content on mobile devices will drive adoption, and 35 per cent think that this Christmas will be a 4K one.

Mobile technologies will push it ahead because it can enable mass adoption, content creation and affordability, according to Salvatori.

He also believes that there is nothing standing in the way of 4K technology anymore. As far as he is concerned, all it needs in order to press ahead is the ability to compress video content efficiently, the presence of high speed networks, advanced System on Chip performance and great display technology - all of which are already in existence today.

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However, the role of 4G LTE connectivity cannot be understated. With the rise of 4K, bandwidth consumption and demand will skyrocket.

According to Qualcomm, as of the first quarter of the year, there were 36 million LTE subscribers in Europe, and the company expects this figure to rise significantly over the next several months.