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Microsoft launches Video Tuner app for Windows Phone

Microsoft has launched a new video editing application for Windows Phones called Video Tuner.

Video Tuner is currently only available on Windows Phone 8.1, possibly to encourage users to upgrade, but it already looks more promising than the firm's Movie Moments application.

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While Movie Moments restricted users to clips of 60 seconds or less, Video Tuner will offer greater flexibility and the option to shorten, crop, flip, or rotate video clips, apply filters and layer audio tracks. Users can then save the clip as a small, medium or large file before sharing it via social networks or saving it to Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage.

Global director of applications and partner marketing for Microsoft, Matt Collins, believes the new app helps lessen the shortage of video editing apps on the platform.

"The Video Tuner application is designed to make video editing easy and powerful, to let users quickly and easily edit a video they've captured," Collins said.

There are however, some limitations to the new release. Video tuner will not allow users to cut together two different video files and you can only remove footage from the beginning or end of a clip, not the middle. Also, while you can adjust features such as the contrast, saturation and exposure, these changes have to be applied to the video as a whole.

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Despite the new release, Windows Phone users may still be left wishing for a more robust video editor along the lines of that offered by Pinnacle Studio or iMovie for iOS devices. Particularly given the strength of the Lumia camera, Microsoft will want to ensure that their applications bring the best out of their hardware.