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Report: The PSN is a vital “Platform For Reform And Innovation”

A new whitepaper argues that the Public Services Network (PSN) is a “trusted platform for innovation and reform.”

It has been published by the PSNGB trade association, an organisation that connects PSN suppliers and users to each other.

The PSN is at the centre of the government’s ICT strategy, aiming to provide a secure, safe network where the public sector can safely share services.

It has not been without its problems; a number of local authorities initially had problems meeting security compliance regulations and were threatened with loss of access.

However, in May, London became the first region to connect all its councils to the Network, suggesting PSN was beginning to run a little more smoothly.

Now, the PSNGB whitepaper is claiming that organisations involved in the development of the Network have reached the original aims of the programme.

Such bodies involved include the Government Digital Service (GDS), the Cabinet Office, Socitm, suppliers and the public sector itself.

“Between us, we’ve established the standards, ensured supplier and customer compliances and completed most of the transition from the legacy network connection onto PSN compliant networks,” claims the document.

“Big savings have been made through more standardised and competitive procurement. It’s not been easy, but after some pain and pragmatism, we deserve a collective pat on the back,” it adds.

However, the whitepaper argues that it isn’t time to “consign PSN to the ‘done’ pile.” Instead, the challenge of national debt, constrained budgets and increasing demand for critical public services needs to be met.

“PSN is critical to that transformation. Rather than the end, it’s the beginning of PSN as a trusted platform for innovation and reform,” it claims.

PSNGB claims that to meet this target, the existing framework must be built upon, good practice and standards must be met and publicised, harden the foundations and ensure continuous testing takes place.

“The platform approach, and PSN as critical trusted element, can make a real impact not just on network costs, but service delivery,” claims the document.

“We must build on this platform to save billions and to make public services better and more sustainable for the future,” it adds.

PSN Head Andy Beale recently revealed the future direction of the Network.


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