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Three smashes EE, O2 and Vodafone across every category in mobile broadband tests

Three has swept the board in Broadband Genie’s annual mobile broadband road test by taking home the top prize in every category that is was being assessed upon.

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Broadband Genie’s Road Trip 2014 compared the performance of mobile broadband dongles from EE, Three, Vodafone and O2 whilst travelling between London and Edinburgh by train.

“Both the 3G and 4G dongles on Three completed more tests than any other network and came out on top of the speed tests with excellent average and peak scores,” read Broadband Genie’s assessment of Three’s mobile broadband offering.

Broadband Genie’s awards came in five different categories that assessed the best mobile broadband overall, speed, coverage, as well as the best 3G and 4G service. Three took home the prize as best mobile broadband provider due to its “outstanding results” across every category and EE wasn’t far behind with a slightly lower signal strength.

Coverage-wise, Three demonstrated a 90 per cent completion rate on both its 3G and 4G dongles with the two services showing connectivity for almost the entire trip. EE came in second with 79 per cent [4G] and 67 per cent [3G], O2 showed a disappointing 23 per cent on both dongles, and Vodafone brought up the rear with 23 per cent [4G] and 17 per cent [3G].

In the speed test, Three’s two dongles led the pack as its 4G version managed an average download of 6.19Mbps and upload of 1.54Mbps, hitting a high of 19.53Mbps. Its 3G dongle also achieved impressive results with a 4.48Mbps download and 1.4Mbps upload speed, both faster than all other 3G dongles and even outpacing every other 4G dongle apart from Vodafone.

EE came in second place with averages of 3.99Mbps/0.62Mbps [4G] and 2.62Mbps/0.91Mbps [3G], O2 came third with 4.13Mbps/0.89Mbps [4G] and 2.03Mbps/1.24Mbps [3G], and Vodafone again brought up the rear with 3.2Mbps/1.49Mbps [4G] and 1.21Mbps/0.66Mbps [3G].

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As a result of the above figures, Three also got the rosettes for best 3G and best 4G mobile broadband networks and it’s a significant boost for its 4G network that was launched later than all three other UK networks.