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£169 energy monitor will save the UK £2.8b on energy bills

New smart meters are on the way to the UK that cut the price of household energy bills by as much as £110 a year and mean the country is paying almost £2.8 billion less to electricity companies.

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Smappee’s energy monitors target individual devices around the home that are using the most energy even when left on charge and takes action to end the unnecessary cost.

“Our goal is to reduce power consumption in the UK by helping people to change habits, become more aware of their on-going energy use, and realise sustainable savings. Smappee is the consumer’s energy buddy, measuring, informing, motivating, entertaining and making life easier - always and everywhere. This is not a just a product, but a service,” said Stefan Grosjean, the founder of Smappee.

The monitor works together with a free smartphone and tablet app to give insights on where energy is being consumed and empowers householders to take action immediately to reduce wastage. It is even possible to turn off devices remotely when outside the home by using the Smappee Comfort Plug and the founder explained that it usually takes just over 12 months to pay back the initial cost.

“Depending on a user's consumption pattern, Smappee pays for itself in just over a year and realises cost savings of over £500 across five years. More importantly, you're helping to achieve a more sustainable world for everyone; lowering the burden on already strained power grids and on the environment.”

Smappee’s monitor is easy to install as it entails simply strapping the single sensor round the main power cable of a household meter. It is then able to identify each device by using the unique “interference pattern” associated with each appliance.

The meter is available to buy now from Smappee’s online store as well as European Apple retail stores for £169 and every one sold comes with the Comfort Plug free of charge.

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