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Bic creates first ever Universal Typeface

There are already countless different fonts, ranging from the widely-used Times New Roman to the largely useless, Wingdings, but now Bic claims to have created the first truly universal font.

To commemorate the production of over 100 billion ballpoint pens, the firm has created the Universal Typeface, a series of characters produced by averaging thousands of handwriting samples from across the world.

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The typeface in its current state is available at the project's website, but Bic is continuing to take submissions throughout August, so this isn't necessarily the finished product.

The study also demonstrates the differences between countries, genders, age and whether you are right or left handed.

The most obvious distinctions are between the 120 different nations that have taken part so far, with gender and occupational differences proving more subtle. However, with handwriting seen as such an individual feature, users may be surprised by the fact that most of the collected samples are more notable for their similarities than their differences.

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Users wishing to contribute can sign up here and add their own distinctive scrawl into the mix.