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Samsung rivals not interested in subsidiary's AMOLED technology

Samsung Display has come up against uninterested firms when trying to sell its mobile display technology.

Though Samsung is buying the company's active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) technology for its mobile devices, orders from other firms are non-existent, said Samsung Display CEO Park Dong-guen.

"Currently, the problem is that we have nowhere else to sell our products besides Samsung Electronics' mobile division," Park said, according to ZDNet Korea (via CNET). "In the case of China's smartphone market, we are only just beginning (to expand there)."

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AMOLED features in the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Tab S and supposedly provides device makers with better visuals, though different technologies such as LCDs have been pursued by competing firms.

Park offered no reason as to why his company had encountered difficulty in selling its tech to firms, but the competition factor might be a possible explanation. Companies such as LG and HTC have no desire to pump money into Samsung via a subsidiary, for fear of strengthening a primary competitor. By using other available display makers, they have circumvented Samsung altogether.

Samsung Display makes screens for more than just mobile though, so no alarm bells yet. Experts anticipate a small profit from its financials for the second quarter.