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PopJam, the "Instagram for kids" app from Mind Candy

British tech company Mind Candy has announced a new, child-centred mobile app called PopJam to follow up the success of its popular Moshi Monsters game.

The app, which it describes as an "Instagram for kids," allows children to create and share art, stories, photos and games.

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Users are able to follow their friends or other users and can also respond to other creations by liking, commenting and drawing responses.

Professional content will be available alongside the user-generated designs, covering topics such as philanthropy, coding and nutrition from the likes of Natalia Vodianova, Decoded and Jamie Oliver, respectively.

Former Mind Candy chief executive Michael Acton Smith said, "One of our key learnings from the six years of building Moshi Monsters has been how much kids love to create, share and show-off.

"We love the idea of empowering kids with digital tools and then seeing what they come up with."

Of course, one of the primary concerns for any online community aimed at children is the possibility of attracting paedophiles. Mind Candy aims to counter this threat by employing a team to monitor and moderate all contributions to the site, led by online community expert Rebecca Newton.

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Children will also be discouraged from sharing selfies unless they are disguised and Acton Smith stressed that these protocols will provide "a walled garden where kids can be kids."

Although there are no short-term plans to generate revenue from the app, future updates may include features such as a subscription service for premium content.