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Chinese aerospace exec arrested in connection with Boeing hack

Chinese aerospace executive Su Bin is being held in custody in Canada on suspicion of hacking into the private data of global organizations holding military and defense contracts. It is believed Bin targeted companies holding information specifically relating to the F-22, F-35, C-17, and other fighter aircraft.

Su Bin, a Canadian resident and owner of Lode Technologies, is also known as Stephen Su, or Stephen Subin. His arrest by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on June 28th comes as evidence emerged that Bin had been working with two Chinese hackers to steal valuable information between 2009 and 2013, which Bin determined would help advance Chinese aircraft design and "allow us to rapidly catch up with U.S. levels".

This breach of information is yet another blow to the aerospace and aviation industries. Online hackings and cyber attacks are a major threat, and it was only 4 months ago that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared in what some are calling a potential cyber attack, with possibilities emerging that hackers were able to disengage the aircraft's tracking devices.

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It is expected that this news will greatly affect the already strained relationship between North America and the Far East, stemming from previous accounts of hacking by the Chinese. In 2008, US-based businesses were targeted by a group of hackers known only as 'Unit 61398' who instigated a large scale phishing attack in an attempt to gain sensitive information to sell to competing companies in Asia.

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A bail hearing has been announced for Su Bin for July 18th. As yet, there has been no official statement made by Bin's attorney, nor by Bin himself.