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Facebook status update from dying phone saves UK teenager from watery grave

Facebook has reportedly come to the rescue of a teenager stranded at sea.

The 18-year-old male, whose name has not yet been released, was left marooned off the Cornish coast last week after his dinghy capsized.

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However, despite his phone being almost out of battery, he was able to update his Facebook profile with the word "stranded". One of his friends alerted the boy's mum to the message, before the coastguard was called for help.

When rescuers found him, it was dark and he had already been treading water for two hours, according to reports.

What makes the incident more remarkable still is that the area the teenager was in – Mevagissey – is actually notorious for being a mobile connectivity blackspot.

The government recently proposed the introduction of a "national roaming" scheme in the UK, to improve coverage in such areas.

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It would allow customers to switch between networks when they run out of signal – similar to how international roaming works.