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Google Play store redesign images are spilled

Google is busy redesigning the overall look of the Play store, or at least, that's what the latest big G-related leak shows.

This one comes courtesy of Android Police, which has published screenshots of the purported overhaul that brings the Play store in line with Google's "Material Design" guidelines.

Of course, these leaked images are of a work in progress, as Android Police notes, so the final appearance may change considerably yet – but we can take it as read that this is a good indication of where the app store is headed.

And that's towards a much cleaner and spacier aesthetic, with more visually striking larger images, and far less text and clutter in general. Check out the image above for a glimpse of the sort of thing we're talking about – it all looks pretty neat to us, though hopefully matters won't get too minimalist on the text info front. We're sure that's an issue Google will be aware of, though.

The tablet interface will see the biggest changes – where there's more space to play with the large images, trailers and so forth. That's less the case with a phone screen, of course, but the overall theme of bigger images and less text will still apply (though the books and newsstand sections aren't nearly so different).

Image Credit: Android Police