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Mario Götze’s 2014 World Cup Final winner re-lived in glorious 8-bit

Ever wondered what Mario Götze’s World Cup final winner, Luiz Suarez’s infamous bite and Mario Balotelli’s winner against England would look like in 8-bit? Well, wonder no longer as all the best moments of this year’s tournament are now available in octa-bit glory.

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Digital artist Matheus Toscano from Brazil created various defining images from this summer’s tournament in his spare time and the 2014 World Cup brought him a new legion of followers.

"With no ambitions, I created a Twitter account and a blog to share my work, and the reactions were quite positive," he told the BBC. "It is a hobby that I do in my free time. I did not expect to be such a success."

Toscano began the site back in 2012 and has been doing it for fun since then with a plethora of different images from the 2014 World Cup and various other games in Brazil’s top division available at

The only game that wasn’t covered extensively by Toscano was Germany’s 7-1 drubbing of his own country Brazil.

"There were so many goals that I did not know what to draw," he admitted.

The founder hopes that the new legion of fans are able to help him crowd-fund £25,000 required to created a Pixel Soccer game that is based on the images he has drawn.

At the time this was written the KickStarter campaign had only reached £5,818 from 287 backers and there are just eight days remaining before it expires on 23 July 00:01 BST.

It will only be available on PC and Mac when released at the end of January 2015 and if the funding reaches higher levels then a mobile and console version will be released April 2015 and July 2015 respectively.

Try and guess the World Cup 2014 moments below, and let us know your guesses in the comments section!

Image Credit: 8-Bit Football