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Noticed anything different? Meet ITProPortal Spot

You may have noticed some changes to the ITProPortal site this morning; Well, more one big change.

If your eagle eyes picked up on the addition of our official logo in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, congratulations! You're one of the first to lay eyes on ITProPortal Spot, our brand new chat feature that was peeled from its wrappings this morning.

ITProPortal Spot is sort of like the comments box, but is a much more extended and personalised experience. It allows you to interact directly with our writers, other readers and like-minded individuals at any time you choose.

We'll be using the new service to start online discussions and debates that cut through to some of the biggest issues in tech today. You can also get involved at any time by clicking on the logo and posting your own comments, ideas or questions. It's a great way to make your voice heard, learn more about a topic or simply forge long-lasting connections with other business contacts on site.

We'll also be using ITProPortal Spot to choose the top comment for our podcast "comment of the week" feature. Tune in, and you may get a shout out on our next recording.