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DocuLynx is trying to simplify cloud storage decisions

There are a number of reasons why businesses might move data to the cloud. To reduce storage costs, improve accessibility or simply reduce the need for on-site equipment. But how can you be sure that moving data to the cloud is the correct decision?

We looked at how businesses can approach this earlier today. Now archiving specialist DocuLynx is using the Microsoft Worldwide Partnership Conference in Washington to launch a new product aimed at making cloud storage decisions easier.

Azure Agent is an assessment tool that looks at server data and produces customised reports to help IT executives evaluate the cost effectiveness of using of the DocuLynx's Azure and StorSimple products for second-tier storage. Using its return on investment calculator it's possible to work out potential savings over a number of years.

"In many organizations, data is typically increasing 30 per cent year over year, and costs are mounting. Second-tier data storage costs are approximately 25 per cent of on-premise storage costs, and 65 per cent of data stored on primary storage is inactive," says Michael Liess, DocuLynx's President and CEO.

"As storage solutions become targets for 'refresh,' the time is right to consider Cloud storage. By differentiating data based on its external attributes, DocuLynx Azure Agent helps CIOs identify which data should be moved to secondary storage - the goal of any CIO looking to achieve significant cost savings with the least risk".

Beyond the initial analysis Azure Agent can be used to monitor data on a continuous basis and can be integrated with DocuLynx other storage platforms.

CIOs can request a free assessment of their network file shares to assess the potential for savings. To find out more visit the DocuLynx website.

Image Credit: Modella / Shutterstock

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