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InkCase+ battery-saving E-Ink display reaches $100,000 Kickstarter target in hours

InkCase+ has smashed its $100,000 [£58,000] Kickstarter target just hours after its launch as smartphone owners rush to take advantage of the battery-saving second screen.

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The InkCase+, which has been developed by Oaxis, is a 3.5in standalone E-Ink screen that can be put inside a smartphone case and imitate the display, or be used as an auxiliary second screen.

“We regularly hear from our friends and family that their phone has died and we hope that InkCase+ can alleviate this problem by making checking your phone a less power hungry process. We also look forward to the millions of photos people will use to customize their phone making the blank black slate a thing of the past,” explained Oaxis CEO G-Jay Yong.

Oaxis’s Inkcase+ works by communicating with a smartphone through a BlueTooth connection and supports all Android smartphones that are running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and above. The screen’s 500mAh battery offers seven days of standby life, 2,000 pages of reading or eight hours of continuous operation. It weighs in at just 45g, is 5mm thick and the 3.5in display is housed in a compact 2.25in x 4.25in body.

Anyone buying the InkCase+ gets a phone case that can accept alerts, notifications or display a book without the need for any power to be wasted by the smartphone itself. It can also display maps, tickets, shopping lists or even photos of loved ones that make it a unique way to personalise any phone’s case.

InkCase+ also has a number of different APIs that will mean many of the best apps becoming available in future thus making it an even more desirable option for smartphone owners.

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512 backers have already pledged $110,150 [£64,242] at the time of writing and for very early birds there are roughly 98 white cases left at the bargain price of $79, with the first products due to be sent out in October.