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Lowestoft’s problem with bad drivers exposed on Facebook

One Suffolk vigilante's snapping of bad drivers has been met with support from the local council.

Stuart, who would prefer to remain anonymous, embarked upon his "public service" after deciding that parking in Lowestoft had reached an interminable low.

His page, Park It Right Lowestoft, which he hopes will make drivers more careful, has hundreds of likes.

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Waveney District Council said: "Any public support for considerate parking can only be a good thing."

It was his own recurrent problem with a badly parked pick-up van and trailer that sparked the effort, Stuart explained to the BBC.

"There's never any parking wardens around and the whole of Lowestoft seems to be getting worse", he said.

"Some of my friends and family think I shouldn't be bothering, but some of the parking is just dangerous and selfish and it's annoying."

Some shots had even been handed to his local police community support officer (PCSO), he added.

Suffolk Police has stayed quiet on the issue so far.

Stuart has admitted he fears making as many enemies as friends through his campaign, and many may indeed see it as snooping, spying - an invasion of privacy. Like the resentment towards Google Glass users that has emerged in San Francisco, and the violent reaction of those pictured in this YouTube skit, it would appear that people aren't that comfortable with unofficial surveillance.

Still though, Park It Right Lowestoft highlights how social media can effect positive change away from the sluggish bureaucracy of a council office.