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Microsoft takes the price war to Google, announcing new low-priced laptops

Microsoft is planning a price assault this holiday season, particularly against Google's iconic Chromebook. Microsoft COO Kevin Turner recently revealed that HP has plans to release a $199 laptop, which is about the same as some Chromebooks and will run Windows, in time for the holiday season. While no specifications were revealed for the low-cost laptop, it is believed that it will echo the simplicity of the Chromebook, with support for various apps.

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Turner also mentioned $249 laptop options by Toshiba and Acer. The secret to this huge price decease from Microsoft is increasingly powerful, yet economically-priced Intel Celeron chips, as well as Microsoft's gradual cutting of the Window's licence price.

"We are going to participate at the low-end," revealed Turner, showing that he is clearly taking the laptop price war very seriously. "We’ve got a great value proposition against Chromebooks, we are not ceding the market to anyone."

As well as laptops, Turner also revealed the HP have smaller 7 and 8 inch $99 versions of their new "Stream" PCs in the pipeline, both of which will run Windows. At this size, the devices will almost certainly be a form of tablet, although no additional details have so far given away by Microsoft.

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Although Microsoft and Google have been locked in a price battle since the Chromebook launched, which found Google winning over the market with their laptop version of the Google Chrome browser. Matching ease, price and simplicity while still delivering a powerful yet effective laptop will be no mean feat for Microsoft if they want to win the laptop war against the Google Chromebook.