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Samsung study finds the average UK home has 19 tech devices

Samsung has released the findings of a new batch of research, as part of its "Technomic Index", which reveals info on the UK and Europe's tech spending and habits.

The study, conducted in partnership with Ipsos MORI, found that on average UK citizens weren't the biggest spenders on tech gadgets, and in fact came in seventh in Europe with an average of £218 spent over the past three months on devices. That was much less than the overall European average of £291.

As for the biggest tech spenders in Europe? That's Italy on a pretty staggering £444, ahead of Switzerland on £361.

The research also determined the average time folks spend using technology (outside of work, that is), with Brits averaging 6 hours and 54 minutes per day. Again, that was less than the Euro average of 7 hours and 42 minutes (the most tech-obsessed country was Spain on 8 hours and 48 minutes).

Where the UK came in above average, however, was in the number of tech devices per household with 19 (compared to the Euro average of 18).

Other interesting nuggets of info revealed by the research include an increase in tablet ownership, with 38 per cent of homes in the UK now having at least one slate. Streaming services like Netflix are also on the up and up, with 62 per cent of Brits saying they use these services at least once per week.

And the most popular activity when it comes to using tech? That's mobile apps, unsurprisingly, with 66 per cent of UK adults saying they use them.

Russell Taylor, VP of Corporate Marketing, Samsung UK, commented: "Samsung is a brand with a passion for innovation and we focus on developing technologies that make people's lives easier. We are investing heavily in research to look beyond product behaviour and discover people's future needs, including ways of enhancing how our numerous devices interact to improve people's lives."