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Surface Pro 3 users - Microsoft will fix your Wi-Fi woes tomorrow (maybe)

The Surface Pro 3 is quite possibly my favourite computer of all time. This is quite the amazing declaration, as I have used many. Besides its usability and high-end power, it is an awe-inspiring example of engineering. The fact that Microsoft has crammed all of that high-end tech into such a svelte chassis is nothing short of amazing.

As great as the hardware is, all is not roses. Unfortunately, there has been a plague of Wi-Fi bugs to impact users. Bugs can be commonplace on new hardware, so this is not a massive scandal by any means. However, it is disappointing to the Microsoft-faithful who invested big money to get their hands the unique hybrid computer. Problems with an internet connection is one of the most maddening, hair-pulling issues that there is. Luckily, the disappointment will be short lived - the company will be fixing it tomorrow - for some users at least.

"On Wednesday, July 16, we will issue our second July update for Surface Pro 3 Wi-Fi. Collectively, these updates address the great majority of customer feedback around Wi-Fi consistency. If you are experiencing Wi-Fi connection inconsistency, we strongly recommend that you download and install this update; we have been using this update and have seen an improved experience", says Microsoft.

The company touts the following fixes in the update:

  • Limited Connectivity after exiting Connected Standby
  • Limited Connectivity after exiting Hibernate
  • Limited Connectivity during active use

Unfortunately, not all issues will be fixed. Some users encountering no Wi-Fi in the charms bar or dropped and slow connections will have to wait for a future update - boo! Don't worry though, Microsoft seems intent on remaining vigilant until all Wi-Fi woes are fixed.

My personal issue is that when I connect to an Apple Airport Extreme AC router, I get no internet access. I must disconnect and reconnect every time to get access. On the second connect, it works flawlessly until I reboot. Hardly a deal-breaker, it only takes a few seconds, but I am fearful that I may fall into the category of users that won't have their problem fixed tomorrow.

Are you having Wi-Fi issues on your Surface Pro 3? Tell me about it in the comments.

Photo credit: PathDoc/ Shutterstock