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Virgin Media provides the UK’s fastest broadband according to Netflix

Virgin Media is the tops when it comes to broadband speed in the UK, at least according to the latest data from Netflix.

The streaming service has published its UK ISP speed index for June, and it shows that Virgin is clearly in first place with an average speed of 3.3Mbps.

BT is second on 2.96Mbps, followed by Sky on 2.74Mbps, EE on 2.62Mbps, and TalkTalk is in last place – albeit just a whisker behind EE on 2.59Mbps. TalkTalk was ahead of EE the previous month, but has slipped a place, although the top three spots in the chart are all non-movers.

Netflix derives these figures from 48 million Netflix members worldwide (it also produces stats for the US, Canada and Latin America) viewing a billion hours plus of streaming content monthly.

The measurements represent average performance during primetime, with the figures being well below peak ISP performance, Netflix notes, due to "the variety of encodes Netflix uses to deliver the TV shows and movies as well as the variety of devices members use and home network conditions".

In other words, look at this as a relative rather than an absolute performance guide, as the conditions are of course the same for every ISP.