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Box to offer tighter Office integration and unlimited storage

Box has begun offering unlimited storage to small businesses as part of a number of changes implemented by the cloud storage firm.

The company is also implementing closer integration with Microsoft Office 2013, Office 365 and Outlook. The announcements are part of a change in policy for Box as it positions itself as a platform instead of just a cloud storage firm.

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The firm confirmed that the move towards unlimited storage will come into effect immediately and will apply to all current and future customers. Enterprise customers have enjoyed unlimited storage since 2010, but this is the first time it has been offered to SMBs also.

Box chief executive Aaron Levie said that recent improvement to storage density had benefited everyone in the industry, with figures from Statistic Brain claiming the cost of storage to have dropped by a factor of over 22,000 in the last few years.

"We've found that removing storage as a consideration lets companies focus on driving business value and more seamlessly rolling Box out organisation-wide," he said in a blog post. "Enterprises no longer worry about storage quotas by users, keeping versions of data, or sending large files around."

The tighter Office integration will launch in the autumn of this year and will allow users to view, save and edit documents directly from Box on both the online and desktop versions of the software.

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Outlook 2013 users will also be able to send links to files in place of attachments, the latter of which can also easily be converted into secure Box links.