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How to install Google Glass apps

Google Glass is a popular new system that is changing the ways in which we interact with the online community and our data. Thankfully, installing this application (and its apps) on a computer can be accomplished in a few simple steps. There are a few preliminary requirements to address, however. First, make certain that you have downloaded the Google Glass app from the official website. Sign into your Google account and check to be sure that your computer is connected to the Internet.

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You will need to accept the terms and conditions of Google Glass before entering your WiFi password (and selecting your network). After these details are provided, you must select "Show QR Code". A large black-and-white square will immediately appear on your browser screen. In essence, this is the visual code that will establish a link between Google Glass and your device. Direct Glass towards this image and be certain that the square brackets match up with the relevant corners of the QR code. Once this is accomplished, Glass will automatically be in synchronisation with your device and WiFi network.

Once this connection is established, downloading additional applications is quite easy. It is recommended that you only visit those portals that are recommended by Google to avoid any apps that may contain malware or other such viruses. Of course, there are also many third-party providers that you can search for.

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Finally, you can simply navigate to the MyGlass app that is installed on your computer or mobile device. This will display all of the official applications which can be downloaded (the tab known as Glassware will need to be selected here). There may also be apps that are under development and not yet approved by Google. In this case, you will need to connect the USB cable from Glass to your computer if you want to download these versions.