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Mobile app of the day: Barclays Pingit

Mobile banking ought to be easy, but it can be a bit of a mess. Your bank might not support mobile, or you might have several accounts you need to manage. Dare I suggest you install yet another mobile banking app?

Barclays Pingit can be used regardless of whether or not you are a Barclays customer, and Barclays customers can see all their account transactions through the app. You need to provide the app with your sort code and account number, and it caters for joint accounts. Barclays Pingit can be used to receive up to £5,000 a day from other users, and to send up to £1,500 a day to family and friends, or £3,000 a day to businesses. Users must be registered with Pingit or Paym.

All this is subject to available funds, of course. There is a verification process to go through at a Barclays cash machine or via PINsentry. Payments are in sterling only, it is your responsibility to use the correct details for the recipient of any money you send, and you have to be over 16 to use the app.

Click here to download Barclays Pingit for Android, or here for iOS, or here for Windows Phone.

Product: Barclays Pingit

OS: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Price: Free