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Podcast #27: We review the Google Glass and LG G Watch

It's a wearable tech bonanza this week on the ITProPortal podcast. We've been playing with the LG G Watch and - once we'd stopped jumping up and down with excitement - the heavily anticipated Google Glass.

First up, Paul Cooper runs us through his week with LG's popular smartwatch. Was it a useful extension of his smartphone or a burden on his wrist?

Next up Aatif Sulleyman takes us briefly off track to run us through some new research, revealing that while startup businesses do use cloud technology, they don't actually trust it. It seems that more and more are afraid of potential cloud security risks, with 59 per cent identifying these as a reason not to back up to the cloud.

But with the proliferation of cloud and an increase in wearable technology, it's no secret that Big Data is only getting bigger. Tom Phelan talks us through a story that shows how this isn't necessarily a bad thing - in fact, Big Data is currently reforming the food industry.

Finally, Alysia Judge has been getting to grips with Google Glass - and you may be surprised as to her conclusion.

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