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Amazon raises eyebrows with surprise Fire smartphone ad [VIDEO]

In one of this month's more unusual product launches, Amazon has chosen access to its own content as the key focus in its first ad promoting the new Amazon Fire Phone. Announced and available on pre-order four weeks ago, the phone will begin shipping through its excursive carrier AT&T, and Amazon itself, on 25 July.

The commercial, which utilises the 'cute kid' genre, principally highlights the phone's integration with Amazon Prime – phone purchasers will note access comes free for the first twelve months – as the gateway to Amazon's collection of apps, games, books, movies and TV shows.

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Acting like adults, the kids sit in a café whilst engaging in a discourse centring on the Fire Phones they each own – within earshot of a 30-something woman. "So what you got on deck?" the first kid asks casually. "Skyfall, Lean In and Pinterest," says another. "You?"

"Twitter, Minecraft and then some Hunger Games," the first kid responds. Next, the kids spell out that the Fire Phone ships along with Amazon Prime, an Amazon service providing free shipping and video streaming at $99 per year.

"I've been on this earth nine years, I've never seen anything like it," one of the kids is heard to retort.

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What the brief ad fails to do is to reveal anything about the new phone's more innovative features, such as its capacity to scan and recognise products, and the "3D" interface which creates a convincing illusion of screen depth. A second ad is due to be aired on 24 July, the day before the phone is due for release.